Frequently asked questions

An Official Visitor checks on the care and treatment of patients in State-run mental health approved hospitals and other approved facilities.

An Official Visitor can also receive complaints from and concerning a patient who is being provided care and treatment under the Mental Health Act 2013.

The following premises are visited by Official Visitors:

  • Department of Psychological Medicine, Royal Hobart Hospital
  • Emergency Department, Royal Hobart Hospital
  • Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, Royal Hobart Hospital
  • Roy Fagan Centre
  • Millbrook Rise Centre
  • Wilfred Lopes Centre
  • Northside Mental Health Clinic, Launeston General Hospital
  • Department of Emergency Medicine, Launceston General Hospital
  • Spencer Clinic, North West Regional Hospital
  • Department of Emergency Medicine, North West Regional Hospital

Yes. An Official Visitor operates independently from the Department of Health and Human Services (Mental Health Services).

An Official Visitor is a person appointed under the Mental Health Act 2013.

The Mental Health Official Visitor Program is administered by the State Ombudsman.

The Official Visitor Program is located in the office of Ombudsman Tasmania, Level 6, 86 Collins Street, Hobart.

  • phone 1800 001 170 (Free call from a landline in Australia, but call charges may apply from a mobile phone)
  • talk to an Official Visitor who is visiting a facility
  • request an Official Visitor to visit a patient in an approved hospital or approved facility.  This can be done by using the contacts on this website, or by asking a staff member at the facility
  • fax a written complaint to (03) 6173 0231
  • download a complaint form to fill in
  • submit an online complaint form
  • email a complaint form to us
  • post a complaint form to us at:

    Attention: Official Visitor Program
    GPO Box 960
    HOBART   TAS   7001