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Tasmanian Government Department of Health

The Department of Health Statewide Mental Health Services delivers care to Tasmanians with a severe mental illness through community teams and inpatient settings. They also work in partnership with the community sector to deliver a range of services, including a telephone helpline, and services for offenders with mental illnesses.

The Mental Health Services Helpline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a free call within Tasmania and operates Statewide. The helpline is also the point of contact for General Practitioners and other agencies referring people to Mental Health Services.

Tasmania's Forensic Mental Health Services provides community and inpatient mental health assessment, treatment and case management for offenders, or people at risk of offending, who have a mental illness.

Other organisations

The Guardianship and Administration Board can appoint guardians or administrators to make important decisions for persons who have a disability and are unable to make reasonable judgments about lifestyle and financial matters.

When it has been determined that a person is too unwell to decide on their own treatment, the Mental Health Tribunal can make decisions about when a person can be detained and what treatment a doctor can provide.

Legal Aid Tasmania provides legal advice, representation and community education for all Tasmanians.

The Mental Health Council of Tasmania is the peak body representing the interests of the community mental health sector in Tasmania including consumer, carer and service provider organisations.